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Kids constitute the darndest things

constitution.jpgIn Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Susan Barnes had her fourth grade class work on a classroom constitution. The class went off on its own direction, offering motions for “rights” to be included in the new constitution. The first motion, for “the right to more books in our class,” is an admirable one that was passed unanimously. The class also unanimously passed a motion that they should have the right to vote on “earned rewards,” something Barnes offers over time as the class does good things. And of course, the next motion was that one of the things they should have the right to vote for is “extra recess time.”

While the kids also approved of a right to having more computers in the classroom, a motion to give the kids a right to “more math and more work” was defeated. One imagines the nerd who put that motion on the table will be beat up at the first extra recess awarded to the class.

Of course, the real lesson here will come when the class learns that their teacher is a staunch Bush supporter, meaning she can freely ignore the constitution and its alleged “rights” and waterboard the kids who misbehave. The fourth grade just got a lot more interesting!