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“I’ll be off eating some deep dish while I wait”

deep-dish.jpgRuben Zarete is a Florida-level criminal mastermind. The Chicago man tried to rob a muffler shop recently, brandishing a gun and demanding money. The employees didn’t give him any money and, instead, told him they’d have to wait for the manager who knew how to open the safe. Rather than wait in the shop, however, Zarete told the store employees to call him on his cell when the manager got there.

For serious.

Zarete left and, wouldn’t you know, the muffler shop folks called the cops. Once some plain clothes officers were in place, Zarete was called and told the manager was there. And Zarete came back to the muffler shop, gun still in-hand.

For serious.

He was promptly shot in the leg and, following surgery, was charged with some attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault.