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Justice is Served!

halo-children.jpgI know the cops gotta meet their quota, but come on! This is just ridiculous:

Gina Boyd’s day already had soured when her 3-year-old daughter began vomiting in her Dodge Caravan. Then she got a traffic ticket.
Boyd, 27, got a $123 citation from a Hillsborough County deputy on Monday after she made an improper U-turn to attend to her vomiting daughter.
Boyd is a stay-at-home mother of three whose husband is in the Army. He is currently serving in Iraq.

You know what? If I were Gina Boyd, while the officer was writing out the ticket, I think I’d just hold up my daughter, tickle her underarms a little, and watch her spew all over the cop. That’s what he can do with his $123 ticket. Asshole.

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My dad once got pulled over for speeding because my mom REALLY had to use the bathroom. My dad asked the cop if she could sit in the patrol car while he wrote the ticket. He let my dad go with a warning. I *heart* my family!