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At Porn’s End

johnny%20depp%20pirates%20at%20worlds%20end.jpgDaniel Thompson — who operates one of those Clean Flix stores in Utah, which sanitizes films by removing graphic sex and violence from them (he gave away 400 “clean” copies of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End just last month) — has been arrested for (ironically) having sex with underage girls. He apparently solicited them by telling the girls they would be in one of his porn films. And, in fact, a search of his business’ premises also uncovered a “large amount” of porn.

Huh. Apparently, by “cleaning” the movies, he was merely appropriating the graphic sex scenes — stockpiling them for his own personal use. Two birds. One stone. Smart, Mr. Thompson.

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The equivalent of carbon-offset credits?

"The equivalent of carbon-offset credits?"

game, set, and match.

well played sir.

For the record, Daniel Thompson, nor the other gentleman charged had any direct affiliation with CleanFlicks. A press release with more information should be up on CleanFlicks Web site later today.