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Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful bust…

mary-ann.jpg…That started with a lil’ dimebag, and an arrest that’s so unjust.

The driver was named Dawn Wells, better known as Mary Ann,
A friend of hers tried to take the fall, at least that was the plan … at least that was the plan.

But the court started getting tough, the story sounded too plain,
So Wells is going to the clink, cause of her mary jane … cause of her mary jane.

She’ll spend five days in a cell at this uncharted little jail,
With murderers,
And rapists too,
The topper and his “wife,”
The street cruisers,
The gang bangers and drug users,
Here in Gilligans Jail!

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HAHAHAHAHHAAHA, great parody.

C'mon folks, I remember when this show was on, and I always thought then that she had to be high, then I took another hit.