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Silda Wall: WTF?

12spitzer_600.jpgThe New York Times has a fascinating profile on Elliot Spitzer’s wife, Silda Wall, in today’s paper. In it, the Times reports that it’s actually Silda who — inexplicably — is trying to convince her husband to stay on as governor (though, I’m guessing he’ll be done by day’s end). The woman gave up her corporate law job when Spitzer decided to run for Governor, and apparently, this is what she gets in return.

According to friends, the governor’s time in Albany exacted a psychic cost from Ms. Wall Spitzer, 50, who has not been able to fully embrace her role as first lady. “I think the whole period of his governorship hasn’t fit her,” one friend of both Spitzers said. “It strained the marriage.”
Recently, the friend said, the strain had increased.
“He’s been traveling a lot,” the friend continued,

You get the idea, don’t you, that the governorship has probably been less of a strain on their marriage than the travel, particularly after discovering what he’s doing on those trips away from home. But, I wonder — since it is Silda who is trying to keep Elliot from resigning — if she had an inclination the whole time. After all, in a cover story for the Harvard Magazine last year, she conceded that they rarely spent time together:

Asked if she and her husband take time together, just the two of them, Wall laughs. “With three kids and two dogs at the ages they are—the ages they all are—and our careers and community engagement, it’s hard to say that we do.”

And then, at the end of the article:

Toward the end of the photo shoot, something beeps and Wall and Spitzer simultaneously whip out their BlackBerrys. “That was a typical moment,” Wall says brightly. “That sums up everything right there.”

I guess what Silda didn’t know, however, was that Elliot was making arrangements to sleep with whores on his Blackberry. Sums it up, indeed.

Update: Spitzer expected to announce resignation at 11:30 EST.

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If you're going to keep writing about the wife, who committed no crime, could you at least be consistent and refer to *both* parties by either their first or last names, the way the NYTimes did? Referring to him as "Spitzer" and to her as "Slida", like she's your buddy or something, is wicked condescending.

You rock. So hard.

Didn't she quit her job when he first ran or was first elected Attorney General? I think that was in 1994.