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It’s Time to Put an End to this Evil

genthumb.ashx.jpgNBC has picked up on a story we covered a couple of days ago, about the horrible, awful, vile teenage girl who is spreading hugs around the schoolyard like leprosy. I can’t believe “The Today,” show, of all programs, is giving her a voice. If you want to see what the devil looks like, her name is Megan Coulter, and you can witness her in the video below. But, I warn you: Don’t stare at her image too long — Satan will implant subliminal messages in your mind and, before you know it, you too will be doing the devil’s work: Throwing around hugs like venereal diseases. Disgusting.

Teens get detention for hugging
Teens get detention for hugging

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Honestly, I'm shocked that no one is coming down with an argument that its biased against a culture. The blond mom almost said it. It's something that we do, especially women in this culture, to create a connection between humans that is not sexual, but still makes people feel connected. It's support. It should be second nature to empathetic teens.

As a father of two young girls, I can say that I think this is absolutely ridiculous. If you want to outlaw open mouthed kissing in the hallways, fine. But hugs?

And the zero tolerance policies of schools today are for the birds. Even if certain kinds of hugging are against the rules (I could see a passionate huge between two teens dating in the middle of the school being a distraction) a judgment call and a little common sense needs to be put into place.

Common sense? In school administration? Ha! You're phunny, phinn! (see what I did there?)