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I’m Chris Hanson, and you’re a complete moron

hanson.jpgAdult men showing up someplace to piddle kids is disturbing on many levels. It’s all the more disturbing when that man is a former children’s services lawyer. But at least this douchebag is now in jail thanks to the fact that he’s a complete fucking idiot:

A former children’s services lawyer was in jail Thursday, a day after authorities allege he went to the Ohio Statehouse to meet someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl he had met online.
Hamilton Township detective Lt. Jeff Braley had posed as the girl and arranged the meeting. Barry Mentser was arrested in the Statehouse basement minutes after Braley testified two floors above in favor of a bill that would increase penalties for sexual offenders who prey upon underage children through the Internet.

Are you fucking kidding me? The guy testifies in support of increased penalties for kiddy piddlers, and then goes to try to piddle a kid in the statehouse? What, was it too long a walk to Chuckee Cheese? …Scumbag.

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Wait... Unless I'm reading it wrong, the cop was the one testifying, not the perv.

Yeah, that's how I'm reading it too...

Yeah, you're both right. My bad. That may lessen Menster's idiocy a little, although the scumbag still went to the Statehouse, for crying out loud, to meet his supposed kiddy lover.

The big question is unanswered however. Is he a Republican?

Shouldnt you edit this?

English majors make the best lawyers.

He definitely still qualifies for the idiot prize. Actual underage girls (at least the kind who sleep with pervs) don't tend to frequent the damn Statehouse...

What exactly would the Idiot Prize consist of? Something colourful, soft and bouncy, one would imagine.

Isn't the legal term "diddle"? I think piddle means something different. Kim Kardashian different from what I hear...

"Kim Kardashian different from what I hear..."

Drip drip drip?