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It’s the dope-a-rope defense!

ali-1.jpgUp in Portland, Maine, Margie Dunson was facing up to 20 years in the clink for an elevated aggravated assault charge. Dunson is a former boxer who held the welterweight title in ‘77 and ‘78. But last year, she was watching the Super Bowl at her house along with John Jackson, and the two got into an argument. Drunken arguments often turn out poorly, and this one led to Dunson allegedly stabbing Jackson in the chest.

And the case against Dunson looked pretty good, until the prosecutor suddenly found herself dropping the charge, leaving Dunson a free woman. The reason for the dropped charge?

Jackson showed up to testify about the incident drunk (he blew a 0.12). And it turns ou prosecutors don’t like their victims showing up to court drunk. Fancy that.

(Hat tip to The Legal Reader.)