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Man, I need to go practice British law

price-is-wrong-bitch.jpgThe always entertaining GeekLawyer has shared the following wonderful quote with us all. He says that when he’s “faced with the inept decision of a court,” the following remedy is the path to follow:

Punch your opponent in the gut so that he doubles over in pain. Walk to his left ear. Unbutton yor trousers and masturbate into his left ear until emission.

The particular story that inspired GeekLawyer to share this gem involves a video game company losing an appeal to allow it to sell its highly graphic game. But whatever with all that. I can’t wait to try this shit out in court one day soon.

Note to QuizLaw readers: please start saving up to donate to the massive contempt of court fine coming my way one day soon.

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You left out the nun bit :)

I really shouldn't blog when drunk ...