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Stop the presses!!!

bush-index.jpgHey kids, Dustin and I are back in our respective towns (or at least, I am — Dustin hit some air snafus and may not be quite home yet). And in answer to three elle’s comment, one of us is, in fact, Jewish [I raise my hand over my hook nose], but Jewish guilt stopped working on me a long time ago. So we don’t feel bad about leaving you with little new QuizLaw content for a couple of days. Somehow, hard though it may have been, I think y’all survived just fine.

In any event, lots of legal news to catch up on. We’ll start with the shocking — I say shocking — news that a nonprofit study has revealed that Bush and his lackies lied to us in the lead up to the war. They lied. Lied! Who would’ve thunk it?

This story broke on Wednesday and almost a week later, I’ve seen almost no coverage about this, aside from the initial AP report, nor have I heard folks talking about it. That’s the truly shocking part about this. I mean, what the fuck? Sure, we all knew this all along, but now we have some type of proof confirming that our fucking President lied in leading us into war, and nobody gives a shit? What does it take to get the fucking public’s attention?

…Maybe we need a study to reveal that Bush listens to old Britney Spears CDs, or collects her discarded panties or something. After all, the media and the public can’t seem to get enough of anything involving that crazy bitch, so maybe we need to tie her together with this crazy bitch.

(Hat tip to Indexed for the image.)

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All those lies were frontpage news in my neck of the woods i.e. northern Europe.

Self-censorship and faux news, why can't you all be like West Wing made you out to be..

Good luck on choosing someone better in the next election.

Perhaps it is because said Non-profit is about as biased as it comes, to be honest. It's a Soros-funded non-profit, and if the story got any press, it would be easy to show the bias. Kind of like the Lancet study that has been extensively refuted.

Perhaps people are a little more wary of attacks from sources that have proven axes to grind?