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It’s like Grand Theft Auto but for real…

gta4.jpgSo the Detroit police pulled over this unidentified dude for a basic traffic violation. He gave the cops a false name and didn’t have a license but, somehow, they figured out who he actually was. Then they found out that he had outstanding warrants for domestic violence and assault charges, and a repeatedly suspended driver’s license. They confronted the man about these, uhm, issues, and he tried to bribe them: “I’ll give you these $3,500 glasses if you just let me go,” he offered.

Since he was handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol car, one can guess that his offer was declined. Ten minutes later, his family showed up, and the cops were talking to them. Meanwhile, our friendly criminal managed to get his arms to the front of his body, hopped into the front of the cop car, and sped the fuck off. But since his handcuffs were still on, I guess he couldn’t drive so well, because he smashed into several cars, and quickly gave up his driving escapade — so he hopped out of the car and sped off on foot.

A chopper was called in and they eventually found him in a nearby house where he was trying to get the residents to help him out but they weren’t interested. Clearly, the dude didn’t explain the rules of Grand Theft Auto to the family. So he’s got nobody to blame but himself for getting caught.

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So they don't have a grill or something separating the front and back seats of patrol cars in Detroit?

it was the state police not detroit pd