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How do you grade such a competition?

zakynthos.jpgNine British women took a trip to Zakynthos, a Greek island. They were hanging out at Laganas beach, which has apparently become a wild party area. Up for a good time, these gals were willing to take some money to enter into a competition, which was video recorded for eventual internet posting. But this wasn’t your typical wet t-shirt contest. No ma’am, this was an oral sex competition.

God bless.

Turns out, however, the Greek authorities aren’t so keen on women being paid to give sexual favors, however, so the nine women were arrested for prostitution, while a dozen men, including the owners of the bar where this went down, were arrested and charged with encouraging the women’s obscene behavior. Which is a bunch of crap, you ask me? I mean, how do they expect to live up to their reputation as holiday party island when they go around arresting people for blow job contests? Amateurs.

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With the whole Greek island thing, I would have bet lesbian sex was involved.