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Name that Crime!

1598839-l.jpgOver on the gossip blog I co-write, I run a regular feature — currently sweeping the nation — called, Name that Ass, in which I present a picture of a celebrity’s buttocks and ask our readers to identity the celebrity. Based on the massive success of Name that Ass (we’re thinking about syndicating, and a few networks have talked to us about translating it for the small screen, but we’re no sell outs!), I’ve decided to present a spin-off for the readers of QuizLaw. The game is fairly simple: I’ll give you a photo, or a series of photos, and you name the crime.

Today’s first edition of Name that Crime! comes from my new home state, Maine, where this 42-year-old man was arrested yesterday. What was his crime?

The answer, after the cut.

A meth lab, which authorities say is capable of producing meth for “the lab owners, a few of their friends, and a handful of customers!”

Thanks for playing!