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The defense calls Plinko to the stand

plinko.jpgBob Barker and producers of “The Price is Right” have been sued by a former employee of the show. Deborah Curling worked as a contestant screener and says that most of her time working for the show was great. But she says that things changed after she gave testimony in a wrongful termination trial against Barker a few years ago. After that, Curling says she was demoted and put into an “intolerable” working environment. She also says that black employees and contestants were discriminated against, and that Barker “created an atmosphere of terror on the show.”

I understand that Curling also approached Barker personally, seeking a quick financial settlement, but that he responded to the amount she requested by saying: “The price is wrong, bitch.”

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Always good to see a well-placed Happy Gilmore reference.