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Deluded Patriots Deny Super Bowl Loss

bradyasdfasdf.jpgFrom the Smoking Gun:

Three months after their bid for an undefeated season ended with a Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants, the New England Patriots are continuing to pursue trademarks on the phrases “19-0” and “19-0 The Perfect Season,” records show. While the team may have been expected to withdraw its applications after finishing at 18-1, a Patriots lawyer recently amended the original filings to correct a typographical error, a clear indication that the organization remains committed to securing the marks (perhaps Bill Belichick & Co. are anticipating perfection in the 2008 season).

Awwww, that’s sad. And kind of pathetic. Poor Pats fans. I’m sure, in your hearts, you’ll always be 19-0. And beyond that, you can take comfort in the fact that your quarterback sure does have a pretty mouth.

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This could be brilliant. The Lakers tried to trademark the phrase "three-peat" denoting winning three consecutive championships. They lost the third one and looked like chumps. Then when the Bulls pulled it off and wanted to use the phrase, the Lakers cashed in. Maybe the Patriots will make some money when the Eagles run the table.

your quarterback sure does have a pretty mouth

that chin dimple looks ready for some action too.

Just one more reason to wish death on Tom Brady, regardless of his actual involvement in this little scheme.