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It’s a Great Country (At Least, that’s what Elizabeth Hasselback Says)

hubbards.jpgHow’s this for patriotism: A soldier in the Iraq War was called home early under the military’s sole survivor policy, which means that his two brothers died in the war and he was the only one who remained.

Unfortunately, after this man, Jason Hubbard, lost his two brothers and was called home, the Army — in their infinite wisdom and compassion — thought it a swell idea to 1) stop his G.I. educational subsidies, 2) make him repay his signing bonus, and 3) cut off his family health care benefits.

Oh yeah: His wife is pregnant.

Ah yes: Be All You Can Be! Forty-two percent of our taxes are currently being paid to defense spending, and you can’t spare a few goddamn pennies for this guy? What the hell?

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Wow. This makes me proud to be an American. I've got such faith that my brother will be well taken care of while he's enlisted.

Oh, I'm sorry. Was I being too sarcastic?

They use us and spit us out.

So embarrassing.

The military has always had it's share of douchebag bureaucrats drunk with their own power. We used to talk about some of them bringing their own chickens in order to maintain a high level of chickenshit. That being said, there are also plenty of appeal functions for this type of situation. He'll be ok. It's us that'll get fucked.