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It’s so hard, to say goodbye…

fifty-cents.jpgThis dude broke up with his girlfriend and, as one might expect, had to move out of her house. On moving day, she asked him where some of her son’s coins were. The dude said that he had no idea where the 50 cents was (he later told cops that he had the 50 cents at some point, but someone must have taken it). And then, because how dare she question him about money after throwing him out of the house, he put her in a headlock and threw her to the ground.

Because that’s how guys say goodbye in Florida?

He’ll be in court next week to face a misdemeanor domestic violence battery charge. I suspect he’ll at least get a fine and it’ll probably be for more than some laundry money. Asshat.

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Everything on this website makes me want to move to Florida :)