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But Where’s the Video?

Perfume_Bottles.jpgAfter a diligent search on YouTube, I was unfortunately unable to find a video that doctors and nurses taped and uploaded of a surgery performed on a man to remove a perfume canister from his ass.

In the video, the doctors and nurses were seen laughing boisterously while removing the perfume. And now the man is threatening to sue the hospital because of the embarrassment he suffered.

Dude: What’s more embarrassing: Have a few doctors snicker at you during a surgery, or being admitted for having a canister of perfume in your ass. What? Was he trying to make his anus smell better? Good luck with that, brother.

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wjy would u wont to go to jill that so like omg well anywaz got to go

To the above comment:

What the hell?

Second, was the guy conscious during the removal, or did he find out about the laughing afterwards when watching the video?

His sh*t doesn't stink!!!