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It’s a good thing there’s not much call for lawyering up in Maine…

wheel-boot.jpg…because if Michael Harman is any indication, the lawyers up there are idiots. Harman has failed to pay at least three parking tickets that have been slapped on his truck. So when the Bangor police found his truck, recently, they threw a boot on it. You know, them big ugly hunks of metal that make it rather impossible to drive your car.

Well, Harman decided to try driving his truck away anyways. Didn’t work out so well:

“The metal device was found to be lodged under the vehicle’s wheel well when Mr. Harman tried to drive away, causing damage to his truck and the immobilization device,” [Sgt. Paul] Edwards said.

Harmon was busted by the cops, naturally, and he pulled out a checkbook to pay the tickets. After cutting a check, the cops took off the boot and let him go, though he’s facing a charge of criminal mischief for his stupid attempt to drive off.

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How stupid. He should have called Officer Steve Grabowski to come and remove the boot.