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Florida women do it with brains!

smart-women.gifSheila Sue Williams is the kind of woman I want to marry, because she’s smart and industrious — when she was recently looking for a pay phone to call her mother, and was unable to find one, she did the smart thing and asked a cop where to go. He suggested the nearby Denny’s, and Williams asked for a ride there.

That’s when things went south, however, because, while the cop decided to run her ID before letting her in the car. And whoopsie-daisy, seems that Williams had an outstanding arrest warrant.

And just to make things worse, when the cop searched her prior to putting her in the car (where she would now be going to the clink, rather than Denny’s — a decided improvement from a quality-of-food view of things), he found a crack pipe on her.

Williams, when you get outta jail, come look me up and we’ll get hitched.