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Is that what a gal’s life is worth these days?

oxyC.jpgIn Missouri, Robert Macklin is facing a charge of first-degree assault or, alternatively, a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. The charge stems from Macklin wanting the girlfriend of a former lover killed. His roommate ratted him out to the cops, and a sting was setup. Macklin was busted after offering the undercover cop $5 and 90 pills of Oxycontin to kill the woman.

Five bucks and 90 pills? That’s all? Man, we really are sliding into a recession.

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The street value of 90 pills of Oxycontin is pretty high. Plus, then the cop won't be worrying about the recession anymore :-P.

I'm not quite following. He wanted the girlfriend of a former lover killed? Was the former lover a girl who went lesbian after this guy (which sounds understandable, he was such a prize), or a guy who went straight (again, totally understandable)?