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Is That a T-Bone In Your Pants, Or Are You Just Happy to … Nope. That’s a T-Bone

bildeds.jpgThat pretty man to your right, an Ohio resident, broke the unofficial record for steaks in the pants earlier this week, shattering the old record set just last week.

Last week, a Winton Place man was arrested for stuffing three packages of T-bone steaks down his shorts at a Walnut Hills Kroger.
Then came Tuesday’s arrest.
A different man, Christopher Penn, 41, of Springfield Township, allegedly stuffed eight T-bones down his pants at a Marsh supermarket, putting the old record to shame and landing himself behind bars on a theft charge.
According to police and court records, Penn selected the packages of meat, packed them against his 215-pound body and tried to walk out of the Colerain Township store just after 7 p.m. Store security stopped him and revealed the $77.29 worth of steak in his pants.

He probably would’ve gotten away with it, too, had he not tried to stuff a bag of charcoal briquets down his pants, as well.

Bon Apetite!