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Full moon rising

full-moon.jpgPenn State apparently has a tradition called the Mifflin Streak where, each year before finals week, a bunch of students camp out on Mifflin Road to watch a bunch of other students go streaking at midnight. A 19-year-old student living in dorms over Mifflin Streat decided to join in the fun his own way, by mooning the crowd and pressing ham up against his glass window.

And now he’s been arrested and charged with open lewdness and disorderly conduct.

His attorney says that the kid didn’t think it’d be a big deal since everyone on the street was there to watch, you know, a ton of naked people. But some stuck-up, douchebag resident assistant has testified that he was offended by the full moon, and so the charges stuck. Good times.

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that's bullshit. I had a similar experience in college. Some friends and I were asked to provide a video installation for the annual Sleaze Ball. While setting up we threw a porn on so there'd be something playing in the meantime. I was later reprimanded because some of the students were offended. Mind you these were students attending the SLEAZE ball, where most of their peers were scantily clad or naked and dry-humping against the cafeteria soda machine. WTF is wrong with people??