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What are you going to do, rattle me to death?

rattle.jpgIn Utica, New York, Stephanie Wilson was taking her baby for a walk when she got into an argument with another women. This was apparently the latest argument in an ongoing feud between the two about money. The argument got heated, and Wilson reached into the stroller, pulling out a rattle and baby bottle and threatening the other woman. And for this, she was arrested.

I mean, really, are a bottle and rattle that threatening?

…Oh wait. Never mind. Wilson actually pulled a knife and sawed-off shotgun out of the stroller!

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Ah! This reminds me of a conversation I had with a couple friends where we tried to figure out where: "what?! Are you gonna spoon me to death?" is from.

Where is it from?!

ooh, i *might* know this one. If I remember correctly, its from the movie mystery men.

No, it's not from Mystery Men. Nor is it from The Whole Nine/Ten Yards flicks, Robin Hood, or anything else. Here in LA, KROQ spent a week looking into this issue, watching movies, taking calls, etc. Although there are several sorta-close quotes, the exact quote was never found (they were actually going with "what are you going to do, spoon me to death," a slight variation on what Amanda posted).

The conclusion was that this sounds like a lot of other quotes, so when folks here it, they think it must surely be a movie quote.

Oh, c'mon now. Those were only in there because the knife has a binky attached to its hilt, and the shotgun is the child's security shotgun, just like a blanket only far more awesome and illegal.