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I’m so confused

Everyone’s favorite pro se litigant, inmate Jonathan Lee Riches, has filed another suit. This one is a class action. But … I don’t get it. First of all, he’s got co-plaintiffs this time, a Clark Proctor Jr. and John Mark Johnson. (John Mark Johnson? Really?) But more confusing are the facts that: (i) he’s no longer using a copyright symbol with his name; and (ii) the complaint isn’t a rambling mess of deliriously wonderful allegations. It’s still a handwritten mess, but it’s a trite few sentences. No aliens. No allegations against Skittles or hamburgers or the Liberty Bell.

It’s just so … blase.

Mr. Riches, come back to us!!

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Oh no, I hope they don't have him drugged up on antipsychotics in prison!

OK, maybe if he is ill, he should be getting treatment. Much to the devstation of the rest of us.

he seems to have changed his modus operandi as of the last couple months. instead of the long, screwed-up suits, he's filing a ton of these short ones that are not nearly as funny.

it makes me sad.