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Awwww, poor guys

xenu.jpgLast week, the “Church” of Scientology was denied a restraining order against the group Anonymous. The “Church” was hoping to get an order preventing Anonymous from protesting within 500 feet of Scientology buildings, but the court told the “Church” to get bent, largely because the group has been so hard to track down.

Now I don’t support illegal actions like bomb threats and death threats, and the official spokesmen I’ve heard for Anonymous say they don’t either. But I’m all for these protests against the “Church” and its silly shenanigans. Particularly because they’re usually so good at quickly stifling any criticism. It’s nice to see them sweat a little.

…And yes, I fully expect that our server will crash within hours for having the nerve to say anything negative about the “Church.” I don’t know what got in me to be so negative today. Must be all those thetans I sprinkled on my cereal this morning.

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When I first heard about Anonymous and /b/, I thought it was a little crazy. I mean, I like ED as much as the next person, and I loved all of the EDers marching in Boston after the Lite Brite incident, but I seriously never thought they could make this much of a difference. Chalk this one up to exerience. I should have remembered that any group that can force millions and millions of people to look at pictures of Goatse and laugh at the RF Jason Experiment are capable of anything.

Dude! Heidi just broke Rule 1 & 2 of the internet!


Rules 34-36 being my favorite ;)

i love thetans!
they taste just like chicken!

All I said was ED and /b/! You bloody linked to the site! Now ED is going to experience "server problems". Argh!

Rule 34. Quizlaw/Pajiba. I'm so horny now.

Rule 34 Godtopus!

I don't know why you say "Church" like Scientologist beliefs are more bizarre than any other church. I've always thought the primary difference between the CoS and all the other religions out there is that the old ones are designed for people used tofolk tales, whereas scientology is designed for people used to science fiction. The only difference is the timing.

First of all ... so happy to see Godtopus make his/her/its first appearance on the ol' QuizLaw.

Second of all ... QuizLaw/Pajiba porn? You better believe Rule 34 speaks the truth on that one. But that's for private eyes only.

Third of all ... Chugga, I say "church" not because of the cockamamey beliefs, but because it's a sham racket unlike any of the other major belief systems. I have nothing against religion or religious folks, but I hate institutionalized religion that takes advantage of its own and others, and tries to force its shit down "nonbelievers" throats. And while every major religion is guilty of it all to some extent, Scientology takes it about five hundred extra miles and is just so distasteful. "What are my crimes?" How about that I can't mother fucking stand Scientology.

...mmm, chicken-flavored thetans.