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Maybe some children should be left behind

sleeping-student.jpgThis is just fucking ridiculous. Last December, in Danbury, Connecticut, 15-year-old Vincios Robacher fell asleep in one of his high school classes. Teachers aren’t generally so keen on that sort of business and Melissa Nadeau is such a teacher. So when she spotted him snoozing, she walked over to his desk and slammed her palm down to wake him up. Did the trick.

But now, of course, he’s filed papers with the town clerk as a prelude to suing to suing the school for the “very severe injuries” to his eardum.

I mean, come on. When I was in high school, I watched a teacher huck an eraser at a kid who was sleeping — I’d hate to see what damage dear Vincios would claim had an eraser been careened his way. Chump.

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Good thing he wasn't in my high school physics class. The first time a kid fell asleep the teacher let off an air horn next to him.

aw this is sad, when my teachers embarrassed me i would plot to slip something gross in their sandwitch, now kids just sue, so unimaginative

I agree with adeline. Get creative with your revenge. Though as someone who used to often sleep through class, the most effective means a teacher ever used was so simple as to be devilishly clever. He asked me only if I wanted to stay sleeping. To which I naturally said yes. But when my eyes closed, I was too amused by his response to the situation, and found myself struggling to fall back asleep.

When someone fell asleep in the Spanish classroom next to mine, the teacher went into our room and tried to have the classes switch places by the time the guy woke up. We didn't quite make it, but I give that teacher big points for innovation.