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I’ll see your Dance Party Friday, and I’ll pull its sweater over its head and beat the shit out of it!

Folks seemed to like last week’s Dance Party Friday, and I can’t blame them. But we’re going a different route this week. And I’m not even going to pretend that there’s any sort of connection between these two videos and the kind of stuff we typically cover here on QuizLaw, because there’s not. But whatever with that — these videos are just too much fun.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hockey Fight Friday.

Our first video comes from a Russian ice hockey match that went down last week. Some say it was the biggest hockey fight every. I dunno about all that. But I have no problem believing the claim that almost 400 penalty minutes were given out as a result of this mayhem:

You know, if the NHL instituted a rule where massive brawls like this had to break out once a game, I bet viewership would go way the fuck up. They could save the sport man, I’m telling you!

Anyway, watching that last video on YouTube, I also stumbled upon this one, from an English hockey match last year. It’s almost seven minutes of pure, unadulterated awesome:

Seriously, fuck synchronized ice dancing, why isn’t this shit an Olympic sport?

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Wait, there's more to hockey than just the fighting?

Sychronized ice brawling. I like it.