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Everybody dance now!

Who says that the modern media complex is broken? To those people, I say: “To hell with you, good sirs and madams. To hell with you all.”

Jump to the rhythm jump jump to the rhythm jump, indeed.

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I voted for this? Twice?

Oh. Sweet. God. Almighty.

You know what? I just don't care about the anti-immigrant sentiment in this country anymore, just do me a favour and deport me so I can get away from this.

Holy crap...I mean....just...

mmm, white people

Oh you haters, that was flippin' awesome. I'm gonna start watching the news.

Holy shit, was that the sprinkler?

Haha, seriously! They're just silly people doing silly things, and they look like they're having a blast. More power to them :)

Not only was that the sprinkler, she also did the lawn mower.

And I meant to add-
Hooray for her! She's a happy one.

The sprinkler, lawn mower, roger rabbit AND the shopping cart. That was freaking awesome! Haha, nice to see not all newscasters have lost their sense of humor.

As for "getting deported," you're actually free to leave anytime...

HAHA!!! My hometown!!!

I might actually watch the news if it was always like this.

Hahaha.. awesome! The shopping cart rules!

fantastic. . . wish my local news was this good

holy crap
all of you people that were saying how lame this is; its not.
its fly y y y y .

Oh my god, I live there. That is my hometown. My location is on that map in the background!

Cincinnati is AWESOME.

I SO have to move to that state just for the news now!!! Awesome!

Holy crap, that's incredibly refreshing in this fear mongering media outlet.

I watched this and thought, "man, I wish my city's news was that cool," and then I took a closer look at the map.

I need to watch local news more often.

wow, I used to live in cincinnati, now I wish I still lived there...

I live there too. I'd watch the news more if it were like that!

this is the best news i have ever seen if my city was anything like this i would watch the weather every day.

seems like everybody USED to live there. Maybe it's a trap to get everybody back... .

so I stumbled upon this and was going to pass it by until I realized that this is actually my hometown news channel (Cincinnati)....this is worse than the usual slow news day there....I'm used to having them feature boring, uninformative, and inconsequential news (crap)...but this really over does it. I'm glad I wasn't watching that day because I would have been even more disappointed...

What have we become....

lol..news people, i just cant imagine them being any more cheesy..ya!

That was great rofl.

My daughter's bedtime story...
"Once upon a time...you could actually watch the news on TV and feel like you'd been informed......."

Crap like this is why I left the industry after 20 years.

and the sad thing is that people who posted here saying "yeah that was great"....


they're informed.

mr toasty needs a chill pill yo'.

they should have done the running man.

That was the most biased news segment I've ever seen...biased toward AWESOME!!! "Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, buddddddyyyyyyyyyy...." - Pauly Shore

Wow! I wish our newscasters were this happy and carefree! Dance Party Friday rocks. Having fun is what it's all about. You guys go!

I'm proud to say I have friends like these people shameless

I just can't stop watching. best line. "I can't I've been all I can do"

People need to chill out. That is great, i'm glad to see something somewhat pleasant and happy on the local news.

Christ on a cracker...

Show some class people!

WTF is she doing? She's killing kids in Africa.

If you can't just put it all into perspective after watching this video - here are two TV local market news personalities actually doing what it takes to entertain. They have succeeded. I laughed, was moved, and enjoyed the package. Say no more - Well done!

the niggers would be ashamed of this :(

Omg... i USED to live here. Got out of that crazy town... and into crazy south florida.

that was AWESOME.

I live in Cincinnati & Bob rocks. He only does this on Friday's & only if there is no major news or major traffic accidents to report. That was the deal he made with his boss to continue this. He & Jen Dalton (the woman in the video) are the traffic reporters but don't actually report the news (unless one of the regular anchors are out).

It's hiliarous & nice way to start off a Friday morning.