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Defensive Much?

If you haven’t seen the dustup that Mitt Romney had with an AP reporter yesterday yet, then you’re missing arguably the highlight of the Republican’s campaign so far. The reporter catches Romney in a half-truth, and Romney gets all get-off-my-lawn on him. I loathe the thought of Romney being elected President, but he sure would make press conferences entertaining, or at least until his head explodes.

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"Don't get argumentative with the candidate"

So very very different from democratic politics in other countries (e.g. UK, Australia, Candada). Why this need to be polite when candidates are spinning the facts?

The comment wasn't unprofessional, in the beginning... but the whole thing turned into Mitt vs. a 10 year-old.

Keep in mind that it was a member of his campaign saying that. There are a lot of people here, particularly on the right side of the spectrum, who believe that you do not question authority (unless, of course, the other party's candidate is in office, in which case it's far game).

That's why progressive candidates struggle so much in the US; they have independent minds, and think for themselves, which results in a lot of bickering and infighting. The totalitarian right sees this as weakness, and they all march in lockstep behind the great leader (whomever that happens to be at the moment).

Some people think that questioning the government, especially in a time of war, is actually unpatriotic! Despite the fact that the framers of our great Constitution made that an inalienable right in the FIRST amendment of the Bill of Rights. They thought it was so important, that the put it first! Two hundred odd years later we've got automatons who seem to believe that thinking for yourself is a sign of a traitor.

Of course they call him "unprofessional" for being the only person in the media I've ever seen (well maybe aside from Bill Moyers) who actually does what the media should--act like a watchdog.

Well done, Glen.

I hope this doesn't sound "unprofessional", but that Eric guy is such a douchebag! Jesus Latter Day Fucking Keerist! Chastising and berating the guy for calling a lie a lie? We need more hockey fight reporting not less! The only thing Romney and his soulless minions have to offer is that they will occassionally drop their pants for the left if they think it will benefit them! It's about time the reporters grew a set of balls!

Wait, I thought reporters were supposed to challenge (ie get argumentative) with candidates? How was he not being professional?