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If this guy really wants to see stupid, he should start prosecuting crimes in Florida

open-grave.jpgIn Athens, Ohio, Martha LaFollete has been charged with felony vandalism after allegedly “digging up her ex-boyfriend’s grave and stealing his ashes.” Seems that LaFollete was not invited to Roger Barber’s funeral and the cops speculate that this pissed her off enough that she decided to steal his ashes. So in June, she went to his grave and dug the man’s remains up. The theft was discovered two weeks late, and the cops eventually found Barber’s ashes at the house of one of LaFollete’s relatives.

LaFollete is scheduled to go on trial in January after recently pleading not guilty, and she faces up to a year in the clink plus a $2,500 fine.

The county prosecutor said: “I have a category of crimes that I like to refer to as ‘aggravated stupid.’ I have been doing this for almost 30 years now and I have never had anyone steal someone’s ashes.”