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I Don’t Care What the Bible Says; Jesus Hates You

From Syracuse.com:


Jesus R. Medina is facing charges of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree menacing and endangering the welfare of a child, deputies say … It appears that [Jesus] on Saturday night was arguing with the woman outside his home. He revved the engine of his vehicle, put it in gear and dragged the woman down the driveway. [Jesus] using a machete then allegedly threatened a man trying to help, deputies say. A chase ensued. [Jesus] reportedly dropped the machete and punched the other man and a child the victim was holding both in the face.

Jesus doesn’t mess around with sinners no more — you sin, that’s a punch in the face. You break a commandment, you get dragged down a driveway. You take his Dad’s name in vain? He bends you over his knee and snaps your spine in too. Jesus 2.0 is a bad ass.

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As horrible as this is, your commentay did make me laugh. A lot.

Well, I guess there won't be any kids mouthing off about Santa Claus so damn much this year.

"Now you know the true meaning of Christmas, and it is PAIN!!!!"