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If Only Kelly LeBrock Was There

First off, greetings QuizLawyers! I am your humble servant Vermillion, the latest addition to this illustrious blog. I will do my best to uphold the reputation for responsible, mature legal reporting that has been established.

Now that intros are out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.

weirdscience.jpgDavid Worthy and his wife, Susan, are pretty cool parents. They let their middle son, Christopher, throw his 16th birthday party at home with only a few friends and such. They even opted to go out with their youngest son, in order to give Chris a bit more freedom. Too bad Christopher made the mistake of posting about the party on YouTube. Apparently, there were some folks that were quite peeved at not being invited. So they decided to party-crash, Vikings style.

More than 100 uninvited teenagers descended on the family house, stole whisky and champagne, smashed windows and started fighting, according to reports.
Engineer David Worthy, 53, was punched in the face when he tried to turn away a group of youths, while his son Stephen, 18, was badly beaten.

Luckily enough, there were no life-threatening injuries. Six teenagers have been arrested in connection to the attack and released on bail.

While it probably wasn’t the wisest move to post party info on YouTube, still, what kind of buttwipe would crash a kid’s party like that? Silver lining though: there were no reports of Russian ICBMs ripping through the house, nor was any furniture flung into a nearby lake.

This just in: I remember far too many details about that movie.

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No, you remember exactly enough about that movie.

Probably no ICBMs because they remembered to hook up the doll.

or forgot to wear their underwear on their heads.

... although any party can only be made better by the presence of a very well mannered biker slave girl. I'm just sayin'.

Any word on the wearing of bras on heads?

Well at least nobody was found frozen in the pantry!