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Zoinks! Like, no way man!

shaggy.jpgAustralia may not have free speech, but they’ve got a Scooby on the lam. In fact, Scooby Doo “has become one of Queensland’s most wanted after giving police the slip during a reckless track invasion at the Ipswich Cup race day.” Seems that some dude went to Hidden Identity Costumes and rented a Scooby costume. He then went to the Ipswich Turf Club, a race track, and wandered out onto the track itself while the last race of the day was going on. Said the club’s GM: He almost “got cleaned up” by the horses.

While the cops have a wonderful photo of Scooby (see below), they have no idea who he is. Neither does the owner of Hidden Identity Costumes, because the Scooby Bandit rented his costume with a stolen ID, and never bothered to return. The store’s owner said that the Scooby Bandit “definitely lost his $40 bond.”

Whatever dude. Forty bucks for that Scooby costume is a fucking deal.

What I want to know is, did he solve the crime? You know, go up to the winning jockey and peel back his face, revealing the old man responsible for stealing the Queen’s jewels. …pesky kids.