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I Heart Florida

florida.jpgEveryone’s favorite state is where we find Ronald Tridico. He had just purchased himself a new bright yellow Lamborghini and he did what any owner of a lush new Lambo would be wont to do — he had himself some celebratory drinks. And you know where this is going — mere hours after dropping down some hefty coin for his Boy Toy, he skidded off the road while taking a curve too fast, plunked through a speed limit sign, and wrecked his new car. And then he really got to celebrate when he wound up getting arrested for a DUI. …Excellent judgment, Mr. Tridico.

Florida is also where, you’ll recall, Mark O’Hara found himself sentenced to 25 years in the clink because he had 50-odd Vicodin pills, obtained with legit prescriptions. Well on the Good News front, he’s been set free — last month an appellate court noted that this situation was “absurd” and “ridiculous,” and ruled that his case warranted a new trial because the jury had never been told that it’s absolutely legal to have Vicodin when you have a prescription. But on the Bad News front, the state Attorney’s Office has decided to actually make O’Hara face a new trial rather than simply dropping the charges. In light of this appellate ruling, I have a very difficult time believing that they can possibly get another idiotic conviction in this case. So why even bother?

Because Florida government lawyers, much like rich guys with too much money and too little common sense, do whatever they want!

(Hat tip to reader Cy for the Lamborghini story.)

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I'm no lawyer so someone please help me out. In Florida, you can have the pills...but not too many of them? So how do you get the pills from the pharmacy to your home? One at a time? He had them in his bread truck so would he have gotten in trouble for them in his home? And the State of Florida has how much money to waste on this case because if their bored, come up to Baltimore, in a few hours we'll most likely be over 200 murders for the year. Ya want to prosecute those for us?