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And the number one threat? Bears Google!

threatDown.jpgAccording to court documents filed last week, Google would cordially like to take the depositions of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. You may recall that Viacom has filed a $1 billion (with a whopping “B”) copyright infringement lawsuit against Google over clips of TV shows from CBS, Comedy Central, etc., showing up on YouTube. In connection with that ongoing case’s discovery process, Google filed a list of the folks it would like to depose, including Colbert and Stewart.

Of course, an argument can be made that both have relevant testimony because they have publicly complained about Viacom being so stiff-armed with its copyright enforcement. And yes, Colbert actively used YouTube when he held his fun little Green Screen Challenge. But I’m still guessing that Google would have a tough time convincing a judge to allow these depositions to take place (assuming Viacom takes them to the mat and tries to oppose the depositions, which is a pretty safe bet). I mean, discovery is pretty broad in terms of the scope of things you can look at/for, but I’m really not sure that either of the above-mentioned things are really relevant to the legal issues of the case, or are likely to lead to the discovery of relevant evidence (particularly with regard to the argument that Colbert and Stewart have publicly bitched about Viacom because, at the end of the day, they’re simply Viacom employees, not officers).

But that doesn’t mean I’m rooting mightily for these depositions to happen. And hopefully they’ll be video depositions so we can all watch the eventually-leaked clips on YouTube!

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On one hand the idea of Steven Colbert in court just sounds great, especially if he repeats his performance similar to that press dinner thing he did (That was the Bush Roast right?). But on the other hand, this better not take his time away from the Colbert Report. I'll end up having to watch Fox News to get my hilarious fake news coverage.