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How to get away with crimes in Norman, Oklahoma

norman-ok.jpgIt’s quite simple, really. Let’s say you suddenly find yourself in a high-speed chase. It’s late on a Sunday night, and the po-lice are on your tail. You turn left, they turn left. You turn right, they turn right. Like mother fucking glue, I’ll tell you what!

But there’s an out. Speed up, as fast as can, and get good and ahead of the cops. Then, before they can see you, ditch the car and run. Hide yourself real good, so when the cops conduct their door-to-door search, they can’t find.

And that’s it — you’re free!

…”But wait,” you say. “What about my fucking car?” Worry not, friend, because you can just go pick it up from the impound lot later!

[Captain Leonard] Judy said there are no suspects and stated that even when the owner of the car turns up at impound to collect the vehicle, it’s unlikely police will file charges due to lack of evidence.