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Wow! What an Enthusiastic Endorsement!

Thumbnail image for bill-clintonasdfadsfd.jpgBill Clinton finally came out and did what he needed to do, delivering this written, one-sentence endorsement of Barack Obama:

“President Clinton is obviously committed to doing whatever he can and is asked to do to ensure Senator Obama is the next President of the United States.”

Now, that’s what I call an endorsement! He doesn’t beat around the bush, does he? Comes right out and gives it the old Bill Clinton hurrah! No splitting hairs, there. The man is obviously over the moon about the Obama candidacy. He best be careful, or else he’s gonna need another heart operation. Tone it down, Bill. Geez.

Bitter much?

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Well, someone is bitter but I don't think its necessarily Bill. I mean come on Dustin, what do you want from the guy? The words Sore Winner come to mind.

Can you blame him? I don't love Hillary, like, at all but damn. She was treated so shitty and unfairly, and this is coming from a non-Hillary supporter. Gah.

He hates Obama for trying to become the actual first black president, because one has to defend one's legacy.