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When opening the QuizLaw Mailbag, please bring your own terrorist funding

mailbag.jpgYou gotta love our diligent government. Reader Eric O. points us to the story of a poor Danish clothing boutique which tried to order six dresses from a dress manufacturer in Pakistan, only to find its $205 payment frozen by the US Government. The store’s owner, Christa Møllgaard-Hansen (god I love that o-with-a-slash thing) said that after giving the Feds all the info they asked for about who she was sending the payment too, they still wanted more — they wanted her to get the birth date of her Pakistani contact, Rashid, and she was none too pleased: “…I was just angry that the Americans could conduct that kind of surveillance on us and require such information. What was I supposed to say to Rashid? That the US suspected him of being a terrorist? I couldn’t do that.” U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

Meanwhile, Wayne M. sends us the following obituary, which has nothing to do with the law, but I post it for two reasons. One, it’s just funny in and of itself if you read it all the way to the end. But more importantly, I love the irony of the “dignity” logo right above. Florida fucking rules, man.