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Hey! Them’s Fightin’ Words!

061115_McFadden_vmed_8p.widec.jpgA Texas judge — faced with a decision as to where a deposition between a Texas-based plaintiff and an Arkansas defendant, Wal-Mart, should take place — is apparently trying to start a riot on the Arkansas/Texas border by dredging up some very painful memories:

On one hand, [Judge] Nowlin wrote in an order filed earlier this week, the judge was sympathetic with Wal-Mart’s argument that the deposition take place in Bentonville, Ark.
Wal-Mart’s representative, he wrote, “would feel great humiliation by being forced to enter the home state of the University of Texas, where the legendary Texas Longhorns have wrought havoc on the Arkansas Razorbacks with an impressive 55-21 all-time series record.”
On the other hand, Nowlin wrote, he understood why the plaintiffs, who want to take the deposition at law offices in San Antonio, would not want to go to Arkansas, where many residents “are still seeking retribution for the ‘Game of the Century’ in which James Street and Darrell Royal stunned the Razorbacks” and went on to win the 1969 national championship.

Hey now! Asshole. We’re talking about a wrongful death case here! Not everything is about football, you know!

Nah. I’m just messin’. Of course, everything is about football, especially if it concerns Texas and Arkansas. And let’s not forget, Judge Nowlin: We won the last bowl game, 2000’s Cotton Bowl, when we took your funny-named QB, Major Applewhite, out behind the woodshed and beat the livin’ tar out of him.

And also don’t forget: The Razorbacks have the edge in the basketball rivalry. And oh yeah: Two words: Darren McFadden.

Suck it, Texas.