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The One Where I Suck It Up and Endorse Hillary for VP

abc_obama_clinton_070615_ms1.jpgFor the few (or many) of you who, a few days, weeks, or months ago, might have switched your long-held allegiances from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, you might have noticed a weird phenomena: All those things you used to say about the Clintons, in their defense, suddenly felt spectacularly stupid. Moreover (at least for me), it only took a few hours before I began to notice things about Bill and Hillary that I didn’t notice before. And since March, as those things mounted, I’d grown doubly angry — part of me was upset with some of her tactics, the way I thought her and Bill were destroying the party, and the other part was just disappointment — disappointment that I’d put so much into them, only to slowly realize who, in my mind, they actually were.

But in another way, now that the nomination process has come to an end, I’m also realizing that it wasn’t Bill and Hillary who were destroying the Democratic Party. It was Obama. The “change” that Obama is always referring to is not just his approach to policy, and it’s not just a nice slogan (though, it is that, too), it’s what he’s done to the Democratic Party. He’s brought in a new order, and it was the old order - Bill, Hillary, Lannie Davis, James Carville, Harold Ickes, and the rest of Bill’s entourage (or at least those that didn’t abandon them early on, realizing that a sea change was upon us) who were clinging to the old Democratic Party, the one populated largely by moderates, Southern Dems who were a hair’s breadth from being a from being a liberalish Republican. And the thing is, when you’ve had control over something for 20 years, I suspect that — like a decades long marriage that’s slowly unraveled — it’s awfully goddamn hard to let it go, even when all the signs are there.

The point I’m getting at is this: Late or not, Hillary Clinton — the last in the line of the old-school Democrats — has finally ceded control. But before she did so, she did a tremendous amount to galvanize this new order. But while she’s managed to rally racist Appalachia around her, she’s also brought millions of new people into the fold. And for that — and that alone — I do think she should be the vice-presidential nominee.

And I’m not just saying that as my small part in party unification; the truth is, the woman deserves it. Were it not for a hundred or so delegates, a small blunder here or there, or a lot of bad luck in Iowa, the New York Times headline the other day would have been “First Woman Presidential Nominee for a Major Party,” instead of the first “Black.”

And, in case you hadn’t noticed, the woman is fucking fierce — it’s something you hate when it’s her against your guy, but it is absolutely something I want when it’s her against the other guy. If it comes down to a handful of electoral votes in November, or if another 2000 Florida recount situation arises, Hillary won’t bend over like our man Gore and butter up her sphincter and let John McCain ram it in; she’ll pull out the strap-on and make the Republicans wish they’d never put a dog into this fight. She’s a brilliant woman, and she’s also dirty — and for all the shit the Dems have taken for the last eight years for being political wimps, it’d be nice to have the biggest set of balls on our side. And as uncouth as that sounds, she’s the one I want sharing the ticket. It not only gives the Dems the best chance to win in November, it gives the Dems the best chance, over the next four years, to actually push through some of that “change” Obama keeps trumpeting.

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It is about time you guys came (back)around to my woman, Hillary!


Do you ever think Obama would be able to govern with Bill and Hillary hogging the spotlight?

Sure, it's great politically, but it's terrible governance. Hillary has made shitty decisions and we don't want to reward that just because she's resolute.

Best article I've read this month!

No, no. A million times, no. Clinton is a fundraising magnet for the neocons. she brings all the bad baggage and not much good baggage with her if she's on the ticket. Please don't not encourage this!

This isn't really connected with this post, but I just wanted to say that I really like the picture of McCain that Quizlaw tends to use as its stock photo.

You know, the one where he is gnashing his teeth and his bad eye is all squinty? I just love it. How could anyone vote for that?

"And...that's not change we can believe in." [/awkward, fake laugh]

I think McCain's horrible speaking skills coupled with the "Ol' Gnashy" picture are the fastest route to party unity.

I have to disagree with you on this one Dustin. Hillary probably doesn't want the VP spot. If anything, she'd prefer McCain to beat Obama this November to lock up her nomination in 2012. There's a reason why she hardly lifted a finger for Kerry in 2004, and why I won't believe she'll throw all her support behind Obama until I see her knocking on doors. And for every bitter, vengeful Hillary supporter who is screaming bloody murder for her to be the VP nominee, there are three Obama supporters who would rather eat glass than see her as the potential number 2. The only reason I'd support this would be to keep her from running in 2012.

I was all for Hillary up to the last minute. Not that I mind Obama as a candidate, in fact I'm pretty stoked about it, but I felt Hillary was a better choice. That being said, all bitterness about an Obama candidacy should be thrown aside. This is a qualified Democrat and should he lose America is stuck with McCain (perish the thought!)

I agree that I like the idea of Hillary fighting for the bitter end. It's embarrassing the way Gore and Kerry folded - especially after the fact when the lying, cheating shenanigans are known as fact. I fully expect another outcome. The conspiracist in me says McCain was promised the presidency if he didn't make a stink about being smeared in South Carolina in 2000. He's just been biding his time ever since. I would love to have Hillary there to challenge him every step of the way no matter how long it took. I mean, we basically have been living without a president for eight years (actually we might be in better shape if there wasn't a president). I think America would survive a prolonged legal battle to get it right. I'm not so sure Obama's up to that challenge. He'll concede in a dignified manner and thousands more will die needlessly.

I'm crossing my fingers.

Oh, and to get back to the topic. Hillary would be the wrong choice as VP. I like the idea of Obama choosing a woman though. I like that a lot.

I think your main mistake was "a small blunder here or there". She hired uber-creep Mark Penn, stuck with him almost to the bitter end, which left her with no plan B after Super Tuesday. This is no small blunder - this is an enormous blunder. Big, big, big mistake.

The question is, were Hillary the Veep choice, could Obama stop the Clintons from mistakes like this? I'm not sure if they could or couldn't, but I don't think it's worth the effort. I suspect Obama is going to bring out a Veep nominee in a month or so and it's going to be someone only real political junkies are aware of who is absolutely perfect for the job.

I don't think her strengths and weaknesses matter, because I don't think there's any way in a million years that Obama picks her. I chalk up the new people in the fold to Obama, not to someone who the country has known for 20 years. She would certainly increase Republican turnout when it otherwise might be low because McCain doesn't inspire hardcore conservative, and the tenacity against the other guy you admire is fine, but she tends to channel it against the mythical creatures that she and her paranoid husband see around every corner, and that flies in the face of Obama's core message. Not a good mix.

I think this would be a huge mistake for several reasons. First of all, the rationale of Obama's candidacy is a turning of the page; picking Hillary would send us back to the 90's. Second, her negatives are so high it would increase Republican turnout. Even for independents like me, Hillary as VP would turn me off to Obama completely. Third, it would be politically risky to have a woman on the ticket. If anything, it would have the effect of magnifying both their negatives instead of balancing each other out. In my opinion, Obama should double-down (like Bill in '92) and pick a reform-minded, outside-the-Beltway figure like MT Gov Brian Schweitzer.

I just sent this to my mom. Hilarious and rather sweet, actually. I was also a Hillary person, and currently am torn between thinking that she would be an awesome VP because this:

She’s a brilliant woman, and she’s also dirty —and for all the shit the Dems have taken for the last eight years for being political wimps, it’d be nice to have the biggest set of balls on our side.

is so true. But I also just kind of want her to be able to kick back and chill for a while. It will be interesting to see who the choice is, and how it all unfolds.

I just hope we can do it. Please, please, please let us win this one.

Completely disagree. Hillary needs to go get herself together. She got lost in the "I have to win" thing during this campaign. We need a break from the whole Bush/Clinton owned White House era. Obama stands for change, whereas Clinton is clearly old establishment politics, surprisingly at its worst. She sunk lower than low when she tried to use the old Republican standby (fear tactics) in her desperation. "Who you gonna call when the big, bad scary people come to get you?"
Obama needs Bill Richardson or Jim Webb.

Hillary won't be able to run for VP once she's convicted of all those murders that she ordered.

Of course, once Obama has about 3 months, he'll remind everyone what they liked and disliked about Carter.

Hello President McCain. He's the only electable democrat in the race.

Hillary isn't electable. There are far too many people who react viscerally to her. She won Indiana because Republicans voted for her in the gleeful thought that having her as the Dem candidate would make their guy a shoo-in in November. Consider already that Obama's potentially biggest negative is Michelle (rational people I know who love him hate her: go figure). You think Obama can win with two career-driven, strong-minded, ballsy women on the ticket with him? Hell no.