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Sure: Rip His Eyes Out, But Don’t Pee on the Kid!

eyeballs123.JPGA Georgia high school teacher, who happens to be the son of a state house representative, lost his cool juuuuust a wee bit, and said some things I don’t think he’s going to be able to take back.

Travis Corey Heckstall, 36, is charged with disorderly conduct and terroristic threats. Heckstall taught science at Mount Zion High School since August and resigned May 30, about a week after the alleged incident, said school system spokesman Charles White.
Police said Heckstall confronted a male student May 21 after the boy threatened and cursed the teacher and disrupted the class. During the alleged incident, which police said was videotaped by other students on cell phones, students said Heckstall suddenly “started acting crazy,” telling the class to “shut the (expletive deleted) up.”
Heckstall allegedly directed his anger toward the male juvenile student, telling him he would “rip his eyeballs out and (urinate) on the student, and kill your family,” according to the police report. Heckstall then spat on the floor and began to apologize, police said.

That’s always how I like to preface my apologies: By spitting on the floor.

Well, I just hope the kids weren’t tested on it later that week.

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"The Eyeball Kid" Tom Waits, great song

So what kind of threats did the kid make?