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Hey fatty … way to be fat!

fat-dog.jpgHey, remember that fat fuck inmate in Arkansas I told you about? The one suing folks because he was — god forbid! — losing weight. Remember how he claimed he wasn’t being fed enough? Well he’s now been caught giving food away:

Carter [a guard] stated he witnessed Laswell [the fat fuck inmate] wrap a bologna and mustard sandwich in toilet paper and conceal it against his right thigh while walking to the corner cell.
As Laswell went to slide the sandwich under the cell, Carter got on the intercom and asked him to bring the sandwich to him, according to the report. Laswell immediately began to eat the sandwich.
Laswell stated he was giving away his sandwich but was going to receive another one later. Laswell refused to name the inmate who he was trading with, according to the report.
Soon thereafter Laswell changed his story, saying he was walking around the pod eating the sandwich. He also claimed he was never told by deputies to not trade food.
Inmates are not authorized to trade food amongst themselves, according to the report.

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The inmate is an idiot, no question.

and Seth? Thanks for the fat hate!