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Racist much?

racist-george.jpgJesus Christ.

That image comes from a T-shirt being hawked by Mike Norman, who owns a bar down in Georgia. He says they’re not supposed to be offensive. He doesn’t think all blacks look like monkeys, just Obama:

We’re not living in the 40’s. Look at him … the hairline, the ears - he looks just like Curious George.

I’ll give you the big ears. But, uhm, dude — even if he looked exactly like Curious George, I mean, what the fuck is the matter with you?

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Um, there's someone else that looks like Curious George and is good at screwing up everything he touches. They even share a name. How come we didn't see any Curious George '04 shirts?

Good grief.

G.W. looks a whole hell of a lot more like a monkey than any person I ever saw, no matter the color.

you know what, hes right, and hillary looks exactly like a saltine