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He was just trying to be like Dr. Sam Beckett by putting right what once went wrong … where the hell’s Al when you need him?

sam-and-al.jpgThose wacky British cops, or “bobbies,” if you will, just hate them some do-gooders:

A graffiti vandal was arrested in South-West England after he returned to the scene of his crime to repair the damage.
Aaron Miller, 18, drunkenly spray-painted his name and ‘crack head’ on a garage door.
But he later bought paint from B&Q and began to right his wrong - which is when the police caught him.
Miller, of Weymouth, Dorset, was given a conditional discharge.

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Is it just me, or does "conditional discharge" sound like something you take antibiotics for?

The real question is whether they tested him for crack while they had him.