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I know just the guy to ask!

question-mark-2.jpgIn Ohio, state employee Marc Dann has gotten into a little hot water. He’s admitted to cheating on his wife with an employee and says that this little affair caused the atmosphere in his office to get all sexual-like, to the point that sexual harassment claims were levied against one of his aides. On both sides of the aisle in the state house, folks are now calling for Dann to resign and, if he won’t, the state House is thinking about trying to impeach him.

Trouble is, the state House doesn’t really have what it takes to properly investigate the issue to determine if any of Dann’s shenanigans amount to impeachable offenses. So they’d like the state attorney general to appoint an independent investigator to look into the issue.

Which makes sense. Until you realize that the attorney general is … Marc Dann.