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He has looks AND brains!

I know, I know. How could the story possibly beat that eye?

210891nejones_ful.jpgWell, it seems our friend here, one Randy-Jay Adolphos Jones, 29 and of Columbia, PA, had attacked a woman (also 29) outside her friend’s home Sunday. She managed to get away, but not before he took her purse, with her cell phone inside. When the cops arrived, they took a chance and had the woman call her phone, and “Baby Boy” (as police paperwork lists his nickname) picked up. He then demanded ransom for the phone. A ransom of $185,000. For a cell phone.

The woman, with the encouragement of police, stalled Jones and managed to get him to accept a lesser ransom of $200. He told her where to meet him with the money, and was of course arrested when he showed up. The cops found her purse not too far from the scene of the robbery. As befitting such an ambitious crime, Jones had no explanation for why he thought he could get that much for the phone.

Now that I look at him closer, I think if Will Smith had an epileptic fit, this is probably what he would look like.