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One drink ain’t enough Jack, you better make it twelve

twelve-pack.jpgBack in January, Martin Ruiz was enjoying the fact that he had recently turned 21. One night, he enjoyed himself a little too much, and was drunk driving his car down a twisty Nevada mountain road at a healthy 70 miles per hour. He got into into an accident, injuring his passenger and the other driver, and wound up in the clink after blowing a .104.

Following his arrest, Ruiz managed to get himself released on his own recognizance. You’d think a guy in his shoes would try to keep his nose clean, especially with regard to booze. But this is QuizLaw, so you know this story doesn’t end with: “…and Martin Ruiz never drank again, nor did he ever have any more legal troubles.”

Rather, Ruiz got himself in trouble when he was found drinking a 12-pack of beer on the courthouse lawn. This led to his re-arrest and a bail hearing on Monday. During that hearing, Ruiz had the nerve to ask the judge to once again release him on his own recognizance, saying that he promised not to drink or drive anymore. But Judge Gibbons was having none of it, and set Ruiz’s bail at $100K.