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Wanted: Better Actors

community-theater.jpgIn Waltham, Massachusetts, city officials are trying to crack down on owners of liquor licenses who aren’t abiding with the booze laws. One of the things they’re concerned with is license holders who sell booze to folks who are already blitzed. Compliance with the ban on selling drinks to the uber-drunk will be tested by sending in actors to bars, restaurants and packies pretending to be sauced.

Trouble is, some of the city licensees say that the actors hired to play drunks kind of suck:

…Some licensees argued the problem with the actors is some bar tenders did not believe the actors were drunk in previous instances and thought they had a medical condition or special needs.

Ah, your tax dollars at work! And if that’s the quality of actors in Waltham, I’d suggest staying away from the community theater.

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I got some raised eyebrows when I was living in England (I'm Boston born and raised) and used the term "packies" to refer to corner liquor stores. Apparently the word has an entirely different but still strangely appropriate connotation in London. Just a word to the wise.